96 Handmade Prayers



Our group Women in Recovery meet once a week here in Ojai and are so lucky to have the great privilege of knitting for the homeless. We have started a wonderful relationship with the Turning Point Foundation who tend to the homeless in Ventura County. They have numerous successful programs in helping and helping solve our ever growing homeless population.  In these uncertain times we should all ask ourselves “Who are the Homeless?”, we probably don’t have to go far or look far to find some answers.

Some of us women who are in recovery have been there ourselves, and know all too well what it takes to help heal our lives back together.  So we do what we can do……knit CareSquares……96 Care Squares to be exact.

This became our first beautiful blanket consisting of knitted and crocheted squares in all shapes and sizes……(yes, all shapes and sizes:-)) and this time in an array of shades of blue.  All the squares are crocheted together and finished with a beautiful crocheted trim around the whole blanket.

There is a lot of love in each of these squares, along with the courage it takes for these women to conquer something new, the peace and healing that follows when they fall into a rhythm with their hands and their hearts.  The joy and laughter and shared stories that arise when we are in this room together for this one single hour.  All this transcends into the square, and then connecting them all together… all the different women, all the different yarns, all the different colors, all the different shapes and sizes……into one…..blanket.

Little Handmade Prayers all together for someone to lay under and feel safe and warm.♥


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