Swimming in Love


I had the privilege of going to the wonderful Island of Bimini in the Bahamas, and swim every day with the dolphins out in the deep blue sea. For someone who has never experienced anything like this……dolphins, turqoise water, coral reefs, snorkeling……a whole new world opened up.

RELAX, ALLOW and RECEIVE were the instructions given to us by the wonderful facilitators who graciously share their abundance with us. Let them come to you……and they did. Mothers and babies feeding, groups of adolescents frolicking amongst us, old timers frolicking with us. One of the days out on the boat they spent 4 hours sharing their lives with us, playing, eating, and yes, having sex:-) Watching some of the amazing freedivers in our group twirl and dance with the dolphins back up to the surface was so much fun I couldn’t stop laughing under water:-) The beautiful sounds they make, song and communication harmonizing. I do believe they are communicating with us, with their eyes, their sonar and their play. I could feel my heart open wide to receive all that I could from them, with tremendous joy. One especially held onto my gaze and “talked” to me for what seemed to me like an eternity. The message? I think it is what Amlas, the director says: Go within……

Snorkeling in the coral reefs, WOW. The colors and textures that reveal themselves was such an exhilarating experience for me as a fiber artist. The amazing bouqets coming together, with the most fascinating colors put together, and then add on the array of textures all dancing together with the lulling movement of the ocean. Fireworks went off in my brain seeing this, experiencing it and most of all feeling it.
At one point I saw hundreds of pearly white irridesent fish swimming in unison over white white sand, ripples in an amazing pattern from the ocean……breathtaking. It’s hard to cry joyfully with a mask and snorkel, but it happened anyway:-)

There is so much to share, and little tidbits from the trip will be trickling in. Since I feel that so much of my work in knitting and fiberart harmonizes with my experience in Bimini, there will be more inspired works my heart is already in and my hands are ready to be of service.

Thanks again to Amlas and Atmoji, and their whole crew, for their unconditional love and giving so freely. And for their farewell song to us…”all I ask of you, is to remember me, loving you”…

Please visit their website http://www.wildquest.com

2 thoughts on “Swimming in Love

  1. Wow! Is that YOU in the top pic with hands behind your back? Looks like a mermaid. I honestly believe I was a mermaid or at least some kind of sea-girl in my first life! Never have swam with dolphins (officially) but have snorkeled several times in the Caribbean, and I know the experience well–so exhilarating having the privilege to just look down on to so much beauty in a mammoth aquarium! I feel that every time I go to the ocean–you’ll have to come with me to a place where I’ve been in very close proximity to dolphins twice. Tears sprang to my eyes reading the words of the farewell song. Thump…thump…went my own heart! Love you.

  2. Also, a life long dream of mine, I’m so excited! Thank you for sharing, I’m on it already checking out and planning a trip to Bikini! Would love to get together and hear your adventure in more detail to help in my planning.

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