The Calm

These last few months with the women at Prototypes have been so much about creating a calm environment for ourselves, and together… even if it is for only a wee hour.  A CALM hour, or as I like to call it Chill After Life Management”.

Our days are filled with so much hustle and bustle, schedules are filled to the max, with all very necessary duties, classes and having to learn a lot of life management.  This one hour of knitting and being together has now become a very soothing time for us all.  We have time to share more stories with each other, stories that this calm somehow brings up in us, that otherwise wouldn’t have surfaced.  There are women who utilize this time and space to just be quiet…for themselves, and with themselves.  All you can hear is the quiet clicking sound of the knitting needles moving in a constant and repetitive motion. There you have a deep and beautiful meditation.

A little dexterity is helpful in working with ...

We have one  woman reading and one woman writing that just want to be in the same room as us……for the calm.  The Director took 10 minutes off and just sat with us……for the calm.  The counselors deeply thanked us for bringing this “quiet hour” to the house.

The journey to get to this point however has taken time.  You should have seen us in the very beginnings.  No one knew what was going to happen, how it was going to happen, and aren’t pointy knitting needles dangerous to have around?  Needles(s )to say, it was quite rowdy in the start, very loud, very busy…it was hard getting them to even sit down for an hour.  Oh, and they would saunter in a little late, and try to saunter off a little early.  Somehow along the way, it came to a  point where they were sitting and waiting for me…EARLY:-)

And now there is a calm in the room, even before I get there.  The women automatically create it themselves, waiting with knitting needles in hand.

With this calm a good dose of serenity emerges, and peace is right there with them.

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