Ojai Yarn Bombed

Oh My Goodness!

It happened in Ojai……Our little town was Yarn Bombed……

Walking around town the morning after, coffee in hand, watching all the delightful smiles on surprised people’s faces, was such a treat. And what a way to start the day out!  Everyone taking pictures, shouting to each other……”did you see the one in front of the Museum?……”No, I’ll go there next, but did you see the one in front of the Library? How Fun this is…..” and so on.

At one point I encountered a CalTrans man, stopping in front of one amazing “Hula Lady”, and I’m thinking Uh Oh as he reaches for something in his truck……and brings out a camera:-) He was in the best spirits, his daughter had called him about it, and he had to promise her not to take it down. Apparently his daughter knew about “Yarn Bombing” and educated him a little……

He told us that it was something called “Knit Bombing”, and apparently there is a group of women who go from town to town……I am so lucky to live in this town, he said, other towns have “drive by shooting” we have “drive by knitting”……and he continued “shooting” pictures with his camera with the biggest grin on his face.

A member of the local Arts Commission and a famed artist herself raved about the phenomenon in the local newspaper, happy to see this “New Public Art” finally arrive in Ojai. We do have a creative subculture, she says, and loves the aspect of the modest and handmade on industrial work. Yippi for Modern Folk Art I say:-)

Oh, and I guess the culprits left their visitation card……

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