Alpaca Allure

The Fleece of the Gods

That is what this beautiful animal, the alpaca, is known for. They are indigenous to the mountains of South America where they play and graze way up high close to the sky…..and God. And boy do they play. They are communal animals, always looking out for each other, appropriately called “The Dolphins of the Land”

“Lace Cuffs”

The high quality of this wool, in some cases softer than cashmere, is hypo allergenic and gently gently caresses your skin.  Both these Cuffs and Bandana are knit with Baby Suri Alpaca, the very first shearing of this “ringlet” alpaca, one of the two breeds, the other one being Huacaya.

“Lace Bandana”

“Fingerless Gloves”

“Cable Scarf and Hat”

“Tweed Vest”

“Loose Shrug”

See the rest of my Alpaca Allure Collection under The tab “Lise’s Designs” and the separate page “Alpaca Allure”

Thank you again you wonderful creatures who keep on giving, year after year this wonderful gift you have. I can’t wait for the day some of you are living here with me:-)

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