Art, Community, Friends, Family


Last weekend was the annual Ojai Studio Artist Tour and Ojai Artist Detour and we were lucky enough to be invited to our friend Carrie Rubalcava’s home and show with her and another artist friend Shelby Harbison.  The whole Community of Ojai Artists open their homes and studios in order to share their art and how they create it, with people not only from our own community, but also people who come from far and wide.  Two days of showing, sharing, inspiring, being inspired.  It is fabulous!  We see old friends and meet new friends.  There is so much laughter and joy, and through that such a deeper connection with everyone.          A great example of living in the moment with each other.

Here we are: Myself, the Knitter, Scot the Potter, Shelby the Painter, Carrie the Gourd Artist

A little Scot and Me….” Fiber and Clay, Together We Play”

I love how are mediums connect so well together, both color wise and texture wise……who knew?  We’ve been playing around with creating more pieces together and it is a blast. Looking forward to sharing that with you all:-)

Scot’s famous “Genie Vase”

Shelby is one of my favorite painters. I have an array of her work in my Studio. It inspires me so.  Her playful, vivid, colorful creations put such a smile on my face.  For some reason I see myself in most of her paintings……

Even this one:-)

Carrie’s magnificent Gourd Art. I started an ornament collection with her……I’m already excited for next year’s:-)


Not only is Carrie a fabulous artist, but she has two sons who both are well on their way.  Here is Nick with a Guitar Gourd he made……and it plays……We have an artist friend who came by and was mighty impressed.  He said if Nick could work on the sound a little more, it would be well worth $1000.00. Not bad for a 15 year old!

Nick’s younger brother Quinten got the pottery bug, and spent alot of time with Scot on the wheel. He wants his own now……and kiln.  How great is that!  Scot is such a great teacher and inspirator.  That is his main mission in life, to plant little seeds. “I am the Potter, You are the Clay”

Thanks again Carrie for sharing your home and family with us……allowing for us to share our Art, Community, Friends and Family with Everyone!

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