Fiber and Clay, Together We Play – Merry Christmas 2012

8 Face Cups

Scot and I love coming up with new ways to PLAY together……and we came up with this years Christmas presents for the family.

Yes, like in ALL families, there is the loud mouth, the tight lipped, the even louder mouth, the big nosed (red)(hmmmmmm), the wannabe voluptuous, the couldn’tcareless, the nopersonality and the plain ole’ really nice guy holding it all together.





3 thoughts on “Fiber and Clay, Together We Play – Merry Christmas 2012

    • Thank You!
      It is an honor for Scot and I to inspire, it is our mission. Both in our teaching and in sharing our art:-) I would love to see what your group comes up with and post it on my blog! And I would love to know more about your group:-)

  1. I love this idea. i hope you don’t mind if I borrow from this for my local community group. We have potters, artists and crafters all working together. It would be great to get our potters to come up with something like this and the crafters and artists can get involved too. What a great way to bring a diverse group together to help worthy causes! I’ll let you know what we come up with.

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