“One Stitch at a Time” – ThemeSong

Knitting Song

My good friend Singer/Songwriter Lisa Barbee, who is also a part of our Tuesday Women’s Knitting in Recovery Group, was inspired to write about What we do, Why we do it and How it works……symbiotically for everyone:-)

Here we are as little elves performing at the Variety Show at the Ojai Valley Alano Club!

“One Stitch at a Time”

The Knitting Song,  by Lisa Barbee October 2012

1.  “One Stitch at a Time”, With each Purl you Knit your Life, Creating for you Peace of Mind, Hands reveal        Pictures and Lines


Control is an elusive Dream, Powerless to Hold, Try to Balance on the Seam, Release your Grip to Flow

2.  Letting Go can set you Free, Your Will to Leave Behind, Living Service is the Key, The Promises to Find

3.  When your Needles find the Skein, Beginning something New, Your Eyes will start to See the Change, With Hands you’ll Follow Through

4.  Focusing on Others now, Providing Basic Needs, We get to Show each other How, Examples Help to Plant the Seeds

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