YarnBombing in Ojai – Chapter 5

Libbey Park Tree 1

This “Missoni”esque Tree popped up in Libbey Park, Ojai California just in time for the fabulous Art in the Park weekend!

Libbey Park Tree

There was even a “Toe Ring” Flower on the “foot” of the tree!

Libbey Park Tree 2

……and the multitude of flowers just dripping down……

Farmers Market

Our Sunday “Farmers Market” opened to this beautiful sight, matching our fruit and vegetables!

Wedding 1

Somebody’s SuperCute Wedding Day!


Who wouldn’t want to see this to brighten their day……?

Wedding Take Down

Oh……there are ninkompoops around!

End of story however……he was caught and made to put everything back the way he found it……under supervision!

10 thoughts on “YarnBombing in Ojai – Chapter 5

  1. These are absolutely, positively marvelous and make my heart dance and my face smile from ear to ear.

  2. At the Park last weekend when I overheard an artist ask someone if the yarn bombing was done for the event, I had to tell them about the wonderful whimsical yarn bomber of Ojai, and how she brings light into everyones life!

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