Community Knit Art Project Benefiting our Homeless

Prototypes Blanket BenchPrototypes Blanket Turning PointPrototypes Blanket


Michele Chapin of Stoneworks Studio and Gallery has invited us to decorate and “YarnBomb” the outside of her venue for the upcoming Ventura ArtWalk July 20 and 21……for a Purpose!

We need 12×12 inch knitted and crocheted squares in bright colors. Deadline for finished squares is Friday July 12th. We will be doing the Art Installment Monday July15th.
After the ArtWalk is over we will take down the squares and crochet them together for blankets we donate to the homeless in our community through Turning Point Foundation.

Please visit our Facebook Page “One Stitch at Time – Knitting in Recovery” for continuous information on this project and for different locations to drop off the squares.

Here is The Story of “The Blanket”……how we are all connected to each other……and how we can all help heal each other and ourselves♥

24 HandMade Prayers become a beautiful Blanket consisting of knitted CareSquares in an array of colors and textures. All the squares are crocheted together and finished with a beautiful crocheted trim around the whole blanket enveloping the warmth of all the squares.
The girls at Prototypes Women’s Center knit these prayers and donated the Blanket to Turning Point Foundation for the homeless. In gratitude and wanting to be of service and help someone even less fortunate than themselves.
There is a lot of love in each of these squares, along with the courage it takes for these women to conquer something new, the peace and healing that follows when they fall into a rhythm with their hands and their hearts. The joy and laughter and shared stories that arise when we are in this room together for this one single hour. All this transcends into the square, and then connecting them all together…all the different women, all the different yarns, all the different colors, all the different shapes and
sizes……into one Blanket.
Little HandMade Prayers all bundled up together for someone to lay under and feel Safe and Warm.

4 thoughts on “Community Knit Art Project Benefiting our Homeless

  1. I ‘m a knitter & also drug & alcohol counselor& a life long
    Alanon member. If I could get more info on event would be
    Peace & Luv 💜

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