Prototypes Girls YarnBomb for Charity

All Poles

It’s Fabulous, It’s Fun, It’s Fantastic, It’s Yarntastic……some of the words we overheard the day of the Event!


The YarnBombers


The Girls from Prototypes Women’s Center in Oxnard, my friend Christine and I spent an afternoon YarnBombing Ventura Harbor just in time for the 16th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race benefiting the Turning Point Foundation, an organization that helps to provide services for the homeless and people struggling with mental illness.


Green PolePurple PoleThe Girls


I have been teaching knitting and crocheting at Prototypes for 5 years now, and this was the first time we got to do something “outside” of the house. We YarnBombed six 14 foot poles right smack in the middle of the beautiful Ventura Harbor. People were stopping and taking pictures and asking questions……and the girls were so good at explaining what yarnbombing is and that they were also doing it for a good cause……giving back to their community……


Misha and LauraChristine YarnBombingthe Girls at the Harbor


There’s something about being together, in recovery together, being girls together, creating together, having fun together, giving back together, eating chocolate (shhhhhh) together, putting smiles on other people’s faces……together……

The five of us who were there were somehow chosen to be together this particular day for this particular event……all for different reasons. For one it was unknowingly being sent back to the scene of her old hangout and coming out strengthened, having created new memories of sober fun, laughter and girlfriends. For another it was tapping into yet another source of creativity, and one step closer to finding and realizing her own beautiful potential. One realized that who she was giving back to was indeed the organization that had helped save her life……and one experiencing the true beauty of women in recovery together.


The Girls and Me

For me……yet again I discover the magic that happens when we are together, the grace I continue to receive, the many many ways my life is blessed today……yet again I remember one of my favorite quotes “There is no Me, without You”


Lise and Green

I had to go back the next day and HUG our pole!

Thank You Girls!

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