Fashion Show a la 1997

Lise Opening

In May of 1997 I had my very first Fashion Show hosted by American Scandinavian Foundation (ASFLA) on top of Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, overlooking the whole city. That was an incredible feeling for a little naive Norwegian girl……straight from the boat. Boy was I in for a ride……

I found these photos way down in a box in our barn on my latest visit back home, and memories started flooding over. I can’t believe it’s been 17 years, and I am in awe of how much I still love designing knits, especially dresses and gowns……AND these way back when designs I can bring back to 2014 with a little reinvention!

Enjoy 1997

Black Sleeveless Dress

Black Skirt and HalterTop

All Three Girls in Black

Black Cotton Dress

Blue Skirt and Short Sleeve Top

Cream Cotton Skirt and HalterTop

Blue Cotton and Eyelash

Pink Cotton and Eyelash

Lavender Cotton Gown

Silk Ribbon Skirt and Wrap

Champagne Silk Ribbon Dress

Tan Bikini Top Dress

Brown Skirt and Tan Camisole

Brown Skirt with Jacket

Green Sleeveless Boucle Gown

Blue Sleeveless Dress

Black Boucle Skirt and Blue Camisole

4 thoughts on “Fashion Show a la 1997

  1. Thanks for the Fashion show you did some beautiful work back than also. When you love / enjoy what you do it makes it easy to stay with it as you can see, 17 years later you still have it!

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