Angora Wedding Jacket

Wedding Jacket TopScot’s daughter Ashleigh got married last week to her Cedric! I knit this Wedding Jacket for her to wear if the evening got a little chilly. It was the most beautiful and light Angora Yarn I have ever had the privilege to work with. Thank you little bunny rabbits:-) It can be pinned in different ways for different looks……and can be worn anytime, anywhere……timeless!

Wedding Jacket - Front Bottom

Wedding Jacket Back

The wedding was beautiful……we built the Arbor for them with Grapevines, Matilija Poppies, White Roses……all intertwined in white chiffon and burlap……


Arbor – “A Shady Resting Place for Growing and Climbing……”

Scot and Ashleigh

“May Your Love Increase by the Measure of My Love for You”

1Thessanians 3:12

Scot and Cedric

“Me and God Worked Hard……Don’t Screw it Up”

Scot and Ashleigh dancing

Dad……A Daughter’s First Love

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