YarnBombing for Monster HeadPhones and Instagram

ShoppinCart in Action

We had the best time YarnBombing for a Monster HeadPhones commercial on Instagram! We headed downtown to the Arts District in Los Angeles and my cousin’s daughter Carmen got to be the star of the commercials. It was her very first gig and she did so great!!!!!! I had a blast setting it all up and YarnBombing a Shopping Cart, Bicycle and Dumpster……Bring it On……

Lise and Shopping Cart

Here I am getting it all ready for Carmen:-)

Carmen working on Shopping Cart

Carmen at work being filmed!

……and here is the link……Shopping Cart Commercial on Instagram

Bicycle Yarn

Yarn ready to Bomb the Bike……

Carmen working on Bike

Carmen and Bike

……and the link…..Bicycle Commercial on Instagram

Dumpster Yarn

Yarn ready to Bomb the Dumpster……


Dumpster ready to YarnBombed……

Dumpster in Action

Dumpster YarnBombed

……and the link……Dumpster Commercial on Instagram

One thought on “YarnBombing for Monster HeadPhones and Instagram

  1. Lise, you are amazing!!  Love you and miss you mucho!! And congratulations, your niece is adorable.


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