Our Ducks – Quackers and Quack Quack

Dirty Ducks

The Best Day Ever! It Rained! There were Puddles! There was Mud!

Nothing like being a Dirty Duck!

Dirty Quackers

Ahhhhhh……They say a MudPack is good for you!!!!!!

Quack Quack Duckling

Quack Quack came to us at 5 days old and of course became instant friends with Quackers who sorely needed a buddy……he was sick and tired of chickens!

Quack Quack and Quackers digging

Quack Quack at two weeks old and venturing out in the big world……safely protected by Quackers……and he’s a great teacher!

Quack Quack and Quakers digging2

This is going great……

Quack Quack trying

……but I can be a little clumsy at times!

Quack Quack Bigger

What just happened……? How is he bigger than me at only 5 weeks old? He doesn’t even have feathers!

Quack Quack Bigger 2

A big Baby Huey!……and a grandpa call duck named Quackers!


All feathered and grown up……and still following his mentor and Best Buddy!

It's a good day to be a duck

It’s a Good Day to be a Duck!

Swimming in a Puddle

I can swim……You’re to big!

I can Swim

I’ll race ya……

Quack Quack Shower

It’s Shower Day!

Shower Day

Quackers Showers

In Small Pond

We have to try anything with water in it!!!!!!

Scot Chickens and Ducks

And we Love hanging out with our Daddy and our Chicken Sisters!!!!!!

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