My HandKnit Life seems to be emerging into something quite wonderful for me. I have created a life for myself that all revolves around knitting.

My professional life allows me to sell my knitwear, patterns, kits and host workshops. My artistic life allows me to create and show fiberart.  My personal life allows me to knit scarves for my chickens.  My spiritual life allows me to teach women in need of healing to knit themselves back to health.  My love life allows me to collaborate with my potter boyfriend and with ”Fiber and Clay – Together We Play”

I don’t think Life can get any better for this Lucky Girl.

I am filled with and have been given GRACE.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello!
    I have just read Allers, and I saw the Kristin Lavransdatter-dress.
    I really want to marry in such a dress, and humbly ask for bying the recipe.
    Waiting eagerly for an answer.
    All the best,

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