Knitting in Recovery

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Women in Recovery   Knitting for Recovery

Knitting is the simplest and most ordinary of activities, yet somehow it contains within itself the potential for expanding our conscious awareness.                                              Sue Lyons

 Knitting in Recovery – One Stitch at a Time is a 501(c)3 non profit outreach program dedicated to teaching knitting to those recovering from substance abuse or other self destructive behaviors.

Another tool to aid in our own healing……
We knit and crochet blankets, shawls, scarves, hats and more, to those much less fortunate than ourselves.

With the  healing properties of knitting and crocheting our outreach has spread to women recovering from the grips of cancer and other life threatening diseases.

Our affiliations are Prototypes, Turning Point Foundation, Ojai Valley Alano Club , Ribbons of Life, Ventura Art Walk and others in Ventura County. We serve shelters in Alaska, Abused Womens Aid in Crisis, AWAIC, Women in Safe Homes, WISH

15 thoughts on “Knitting in Recovery

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  2. Hey! That’s amazing! I’m a social service worker and I’ve been in the field for a short time. I’ve been knitting like crazy and always thought I could combine both my passion into one awesome project, such as this. Where are you guys located? I live in Vancouver, BC. Anyways, congratulations on this great project.

    • Hi Raquel!
      Nice to hear from you!
      We are located in Ojai California, serving all of Ventura County and growing:-)
      It would be wonderful if you would like to start a group in Vancouver. I can help set you up!
      It’s amazing how our lives can come together, our passions and purpose.

      • Hey Lise!

        I know! I thank the internet for that! So many opportunities here to connect and grow together! I would love to start something like this in a little while (I’m quite busy now with work and setting up my knitting online store!). I’ll keep in touch and you can explain to me how it all works!)

        Thanks for the quick answer. Great blog btw!



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  5. I am trying to start knitting groups in my local area (Bedford in the UK) aimed at the elderly and then branching out to those recovering from illness/addiction. It is a little bit of a needle in a haystack task as I am coming up against many disbelieving faces. Thank you for giving me hope that there are people who understand out there!

    • I am so glad you are starting your own group in Bedford, and would be happy to help you!
      I have created a “Start your own Group” package for people to do this in their local town, a guide, how to, and information on all the benefits knitting and crocheting has for your health.
      Let me know if you would like this!

  6. What an amazing program! I lived in Ventura for several years, hung out in Oxnard, Ojai and Santa Barbara. You could always find me on the beach…LOL I crochet for our Troops and its very rewarding. Kudos to you!

    • Thank You Victoria……Tand Thank You for all that you do!
      This program is the most important part of my life:-)
      I would love to share more about it with you, since you are doing the same thing!
      My email is
      ……and what are the odds……you’re a Venturian:-)……

      • Why thank you -:) let’s pat each other on that back! I would love to talk with you, I’ll drop you an email. I am a Venturian, graduated from Buena High.

  7. I teach knitting and crochet in the LA area (Calabasas based). Your program is awesome. Do you need volunteer teachers? I’m interested.

    • Hi Nancy!
      Thank You so much for contacting me!
      Yes, I do need volunteer teachers for the Knitting in Recovery Program. I have lady coming from San Diego on Sunday, and I will be helping her and training her to start a group there as well as teach in Recovery Homes. So I would love to meet with you and talk about Knitting in Recovery groups in your area. I used to live in Calabasas😀 I can come down to Calabasas (I am in Ojai) after June 15th. Let me know what would be good for you!

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