Community Outreach

Yoga Blue is our Mother non profit organization

Dedicated to Love

Celebrating recovery One Breath at a Time


We believe everyone is a valued contributor and is capable of reaching their full potential

We accept everyone, encourage compassionate interaction and recognize the importance of individual successes and tribulations


Positive places of recovery for people disabled by mental illness

Emergency Shelter


Supported Housing


Ojai Valley Alano Club

Our mission is to serve as a gateway to recovery – providing a clean, safe and secure meeting place, a cohesive social network, and a reliable information source for the 12- Step Recovery Community in the Ojai Valley



The Ribbons of Life (RoL) Breast Cancer Foundation is an organization committed to providing breast cancer education, advocacy, emotional, and social support within Ventura County




At Women In Safe Homes in Ketchikan our primary mission is to provide a safe place, advocacy, and education for people impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, or stalking, and to assist them as they explore their options in Southern Southeast Alaska.


awaic_c_logo_clear_-_transparent_copy_uhmxAWAIC is dedicated to domestic violence safe shelter and intervention. We value education, advocacy, partnership, sustainability and credibility.


Chritianson Communications
Helping the State of Alaska to Inspire Social Change With Our  “Choose Respect” Campaign


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