Lise’s Designs

I knit
to meditate
to quiet myself                 to create art
to play
to touch
to heal

Utilizing the long time generational traditions and the conventional art of hand-knitting from her native country Norway, Lise combines this craft with the modern fashion of today.
An array of exquisitely crafted pieces ranging from smaller items such as hats, scarves, mitts, shawls, bikinis, handbags……to more elaborate pieces such as sweaters, shrugs, skirts, dresses, gowns, long coats……
You can find Lise’s work in local galleries and the high end contemporary art galleries.
Lise’s hand-knit dresses and gowns have always been inspired and influenced by Norse Mythology and Folklore. The gowns are each named after a mythical creature and have a story attached to them all written by Lise.

Eco awareness is Lise’s new path in her yarn, spinning, dyeing, knitting and weaving endeavor.  Being a child of nature, it is a natural transition for her chosen lifestyle.  She revels in teaching, guiding and sharing the wealth of knowledge and beauty in her workshops ranging from fun knitting parties, knitting for recovery, to yoga and knitting retreats.  All with “No Rules Attached”.
Life is to be shared and enjoyed……today.…..

Purchase my designs HERE in my ETSY SHOP

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